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Керуйте своїми страхами, щоб керувати своїм життям

Безкоштовна сесія підтримки для місцевої української громади м. Хаслемер, графство Суррей, Великобританія

“Керуйте своїми страхами, щоб керувати своїм життям”, під керівництвом Tapping Team UK

2 безкоштовні сесії:
17 жовтня 11 ранку (Великобританія) використовуйте це посилання, щоб приєднатися до нас у ZOOM ID зустрічі: 875 5139 2294 Пасскод: 240611

20 жовтня 18:00 (Великобританія) скористайтеся цим посиланням, щоб приєднатися до нас у ZOOM ID зустрічі: 838 0532 9822 Код доступу: 869232

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Сесія буде проходити англійською мовою

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It’s Time To Tap

Young children learning EFT tapping Ukrainian orphanage Poland
Aga and Ivona introduce Magic Buttons the tapping bear to a group of young tappers.

Therapeutic workshops for three Ukrainian orphanages relocated to Slupsk are in full swing. Children from 5 to 18 are taking part, along with their caretakers and everyone is loving it!

Aga is being supported in the delivery by Ivona Olofsson of the Peaceful Heart Network. When they leave for the day they are begged to come back, and when they arrive to work with a new group they are finding that the kids have already been shown the tapping by their friends! After experiencing their own sessions some of the older children are coming into support the sessions with the younger children.

Everyone is finding a way to use the tools to release stress and tension and Come Back to Green. At the end of today’s session found children fell asleep during the last relaxation exercise. So we’ll leave them all resting quietly there until next time.

Children in a TTUK relaxation session, Ukrainian orphans, Poland

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August Update from Slupsk

TTUK 3 Point Calmer

Aga has now delivered our workshop that describes the impact and effects of traumatic stress and teaches TTT and other somatic regulation techniques to over 600 participants! Including teachers from K-18, educational psychologists, teacher trainers, educational support workers, orphanage staff and carers, and social care services staff, all of whom are working directly with the incoming refugee community. We are now working with 500 orphans and their carers delivering a series of therapeutic tapping workshops.

The regulation techniques we have been sharing were designed to meet the first level of need from people dislocated by war; reduce stress and overwhelm, increase a sense of safety, and reduce the likelihood of developing PTSD or secondary traumatisation. By using a model of supporting the supporters, we estimate that these techniques have potentially reached upwards of 6,000 people from within the most vulnerable communities in Slupsk, including not only our Ukrainian refugee families and orphans but also in our host community.

TTUK Triangle Breath

Feedback from participants at the end of each session has been overwhelmingly positive. Their stress and overwhelm levels lowered significantly within the session, and their confidence was built so that they can now better support and understand the refugees in their care. 

A full report including a sharing of resources will be available to all interested EFT and EP practitioners at our website, tappingteam.uk in November. 

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Working With the Orphans

Thank you to our, ‘Cultural Translator and Connector’, Olga Gazdar for connecting us to the three orphanages that have been relocated from their home towns in Ukraine to Slupsk. The staff and carers from these centres have now taken part in the workshop and benefited enormously.

They have recognised the potential benefits of the techniques for the children in their care and Aga has been creating a series of therapeutic events for them with the help of EFTi practitioner Gillian Watt, and Ivona Olofsson from the Peaceful Heart Network. We will be delivering sessions to the children that combine tapping with bears, music, and drawing.

Image: Timothy Amongst the Birds, teatrlalkitecza

Aga has also made contact with Teatr Lalki Tęcza (Slupsk puppet theatre) who are keen to develop an interactive workshop featuring a puppet story for the children that teaches self-regulation. This will be based around the main character, Tapping Bear, and his friend with superpowers (tapping, self-havening, and breathing).

The carers and children at the orphanages are in extreme need and we hope that we are able to support them through this resourcing, safety-making and gentle therapy.

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Tapping With Slupsk

Aga has now delivered our workshop to over 600 participants! This has included teachers from K-18, educational psychologists, teacher trainers, educational support workers, orphanage staff and carers, and social care services staff.

We have been asking for feedback at the end of each session and this has been overwhelmingly positive. Aga is also receiving informal feedback, for example when a participant sees her in the street and comes across to let her know how they are using the tapping techniques with their clients and seeing big differences.

TTUK workshop
Trauma education and Tapping practice, Slupsk, June 2022

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Aga Arrives

Aga is now on the ground in Slupsk delivering our workshop for stress and trauma relief and stabilisation to the town’s support services.

In the first two weeks of the project 200 preschool teachers, educational psychologists, and teams from the social services have responded overwhelmingly positively to the material and techniques.

‘The techniques had an immediate effect on me when we were practising’, 

‘I’ll be able to handle stress better and also help others’, 

‘Very interesting, communicated in an accessible way. I can not wait to apply (what I have learned) both in therapy and in personal matters’, 

‘I will use this to calm down their emotions (young Ukrainian children) and reduce aggressive behaviour’, 

‘I’ve had a positive change, I’ll be able to handle stress better and also help others’

‘I feel I can regulate the level of my own stress and my colleagues’

This support which the town is desperate for has been made possible by the generosity or all our donors, thank you all! Please keep sharing the donation page with your community. Once we have completed training with service providers, which will reach so many more refugees than we can reach alone, we will be working directly with refugee families and orphans.

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What’s in the Workshop?

The content of the workshop we are delivering in Slupsk is designed to help at, ‘Tier One’ of the EFT for disaster relief continuum that David Feinstein describes in his recent paper.

The regulation techniques we have chosen are designed to meet the first level of need from people dislocated by war; reduce stress and overwhelm, increase a sense of safety, and reduce the likelihood of developing PTSD or secondary traumatisation.

The participants are introduced to the uses and benefits of full EFT, together with the research that is beginning to describe how it works. We are teaching the 3-point calmer, TTT and no words tapping using the Traffic Light Signal which Gwyneth developed during the pandemic. We also share a range of other self-regulation techniques from the field of EP and somatic trauma relief, including ‘The Calming Hug’, Triangle Breathing and Self-Havening.

Our hope is that these easy to learn, simple to share interventions at this stage will help prevent secondary traumatisation for the towns services, and PTSD symptoms for the refugee community that the techniques reach.

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Why Tap for Crisis?

EFT/Trauma Tapping protocols have now been delivered to over 10 million people in the wake of natural and human-made disasters in more than 40 countries with hugely successful outcomes. A full review of such interventions made so far can be found in the recently published article by David Feinstein, ‘Uses of Energy Psychology Following Catastrophic Events’

The value of these EFT/Tapping protocols has now been established in more than 120 clinical trials over the past 30 years, with meta-analyses showing strong effect sizes for PTSD, anxiety, and depression. And this year NHS England has begun training nurses and psychotherapists in EFT, recognising its simplicity and efficacy for stress and trauma relief in the wake of the pandemic. 

EFT tapping points: J Mór

“[EFT/Tapping] is rapidly proving itself to be among the most powerful psychological interventions available to disaster relief workers for helping the survivors as well as the workers themselves.” Charles Figley, founder of the Green Cross

“EFT/Tapping is the treatment of choice for rapid intervention in traumatic situations that trigger overwhelming emotions in individuals and groups.” Eric Leskowitz, MD: Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

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