Aga Arrives

Aga is now on the ground in Slupsk delivering our workshop for stress and trauma relief and stabilisation to the town’s support services.

In the first two weeks of the project 200 preschool teachers, educational psychologists, and teams from the social services have responded overwhelmingly positively to the material and techniques.

‘The techniques had an immediate effect on me when we were practising’, 

‘I’ll be able to handle stress better and also help others’, 

‘Very interesting, communicated in an accessible way. I can not wait to apply (what I have learned) both in therapy and in personal matters’, 

‘I will use this to calm down their emotions (young Ukrainian children) and reduce aggressive behaviour’, 

‘I’ve had a positive change, I’ll be able to handle stress better and also help others’

‘I feel I can regulate the level of my own stress and my colleagues’

This support which the town is desperate for has been made possible by the generosity or all our donors, thank you all! Please keep sharing the donation page with your community. Once we have completed training with service providers, which will reach so many more refugees than we can reach alone, we will be working directly with refugee families and orphans.

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