About TTUK

Tapping Team UK provides support, education, and training for communities and organisations who need to return to calm, find clarity, and move towards positive growth and resiliency during or after a challenge or crises. We aim for the solutions we deliver to meet the needs of all stakeholders to ensure genuine and durable outcomes. We understand the importance and impact of our interconnectivity, and that stress and trauma travel. This philosophy influences the way we listen and respond to communities, organisations, and crises.

The tools and techniques we teach work directly on the brainstem and limbic system to regulate neurobiological dysfunction, thereby clearing and activating the cognitive mind for clear thought, right action, and greater resilience. There is a growing body of thought, including research and clinical studies to indicate that Tapping (EFT) and other cognitive-somatic practices are among the most efficient and effective strategies for stabilisation, relief, and resiliency for those who are experiencing stress and trauma and those who support them.

Aga Kehinde is an EFT Practitioner, deputy chair for the EFTi Research committee, and a Cancer Educator & Health Empowerment Coach. She supports individuals who have experienced serious life challenges to navigate through the chaos and develop well-being strategies to reclaim purpose and meaning in their lives. Aga has 20 years of experience as a clinical nurse specialist in oncology and oncology research and is the Health and Wellbeing Lead for the Oncology Division at the Royal Surrey Hospital UK. She supports the British Society for Integrative Oncology Council to promote the integration of conventional, psychological, nutritional, lifestyle, and complementary medicine in cancer care. Aga also chairs the cancer patients support group MelaNoMore. Aga is passionate about integrating EFT to support people, especially in the public sector. She runs multiple projects in and out of the NHS that address emotional and psychological needs to improve patients’ experience and staff wellbeing. Aga is a founder of the ‘Arukah’ project which works with prisons and probation services to promote a trauma awareness culture and introduce EFT to the residents and staff.

“We are interconnected with the communities and systems we live with. Our solutions to challenge and crisis must encompass this”
“Intervention without leaving a legacy is irresponsible. Our aim is to empower and educate those we support for continuous growth.”

Jessica Mór is a Certified EFTi Trainer and Practitioner, artist, writer and global nomad. She is a qualified teacher and skilled facilitator who is drawn to working with internal and external systems, and who loves creating experiences that support individuals and communities to pursue strategic, educational, and therapeutic goals. Jessica is an expert by experience in mental health and trauma recovery and has pursued extensive study and training in recovery from traumatic experiences. Her recovery from the mental and physical aftermath of extreme and enduring trauma in childhood is a testament to the power and efficacy of the tools we teach. Jessica appreciates having deep insight into the healing power and intelligence that lies behind trauma-induced conditions and their protective systems. She knows that supporting the process of healing stress, trauma and mental health best comes from a position of enabling people to re-connect to their innate power, insight, and wisdom. Jessica’s belief that given the right resources, tools, and support, recovery and post-traumatic growth is possible for everyone no matter what they have experienced, underpins TTUK’s vision and mission.