August Update from Slupsk

TTUK 3 Point Calmer

Aga has now delivered our workshop that describes the impact and effects of traumatic stress and teaches TTT and other somatic regulation techniques to over 600 participants! Including teachers from K-18, educational psychologists, teacher trainers, educational support workers, orphanage staff and carers, and social care services staff, all of whom are working directly with the incoming refugee community. We are now working with 500 orphans and their carers delivering a series of therapeutic tapping workshops.

The regulation techniques we have been sharing were designed to meet the first level of need from people dislocated by war; reduce stress and overwhelm, increase a sense of safety, and reduce the likelihood of developing PTSD or secondary traumatisation. By using a model of supporting the supporters, we estimate that these techniques have potentially reached upwards of 6,000 people from within the most vulnerable communities in Slupsk, including not only our Ukrainian refugee families and orphans but also in our host community.

TTUK Triangle Breath

Feedback from participants at the end of each session has been overwhelmingly positive. Their stress and overwhelm levels lowered significantly within the session, and their confidence was built so that they can now better support and understand the refugees in their care. 

A full report including a sharing of resources will be available to all interested EFT and EP practitioners at our website, in November. 

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