Manage your fears to manage your life

Free support session for the local Ukrainian community in Haslemere, Surrey, UK ‘Manage your fears to manage your life’ led by Tapping Team UK 2 free sessions:17 October 11am (UK) use this link to join us at ZOOM Meeting ID: 875 5139 2294 Passcode: 240611 20 October 6pm (UK) use this link to join us … Read more

It’s Time To Tap

Therapeutic workshops for three Ukrainian orphanages relocated to Slupsk are in full swing. Children from 5 to 18 are taking part, along with their caretakers and everyone is loving it! Aga is being supported in the delivery by Ivona Olofsson of the Peaceful Heart Network. When they leave for the day they are begged to … Read more

August Update from Slupsk

Aga has now delivered our workshop that describes the impact and effects of traumatic stress and teaches TTT and other somatic regulation techniques to over 600 participants! Including teachers from K-18, educational psychologists, teacher trainers, educational support workers, orphanage staff and carers, and social care services staff, all of whom are working directly with the … Read more

Working With the Orphans

Thank you to our, ‘Cultural Translator and Connector’, Olga Gazdar for connecting us to the three orphanages that have been relocated from their home towns in Ukraine to Slupsk. The staff and carers from these centres have now taken part in the workshop and benefited enormously. They have recognised the potential benefits of the techniques … Read more

Tapping With Slupsk

Aga has now delivered our workshop to over 600 participants! This has included teachers from K-18, educational psychologists, teacher trainers, educational support workers, orphanage staff and carers, and social care services staff. We have been asking for feedback at the end of each session and this has been overwhelmingly positive. Aga is also receiving informal … Read more

Aga Arrives

Aga is now on the ground in Slupsk delivering our workshop for stress and trauma relief and stabilisation to the town’s support services. In the first two weeks of the project 200 preschool teachers, educational psychologists, and teams from the social services have responded overwhelmingly positively to the material and techniques. ‘The techniques had an … Read more

What’s in the Workshop?

The content of the workshop we are delivering in Slupsk is designed to help at, ‘Tier One’ of the EFT for disaster relief continuum that David Feinstein describes in his recent paper. The regulation techniques we have chosen are designed to meet the first level of need from people dislocated by war; reduce stress and … Read more

Why Tap for Crisis?

EFT/Trauma Tapping protocols have now been delivered to over 10 million people in the wake of natural and human-made disasters in more than 40 countries with hugely successful outcomes. A full review of such interventions made so far can be found in the recently published article by David Feinstein, ‘Uses of Energy Psychology Following Catastrophic … Read more

Slupsk needs your help

On May 8th project lead Aga will head to Slupsk Poland (Aga’s hometown), to provide support, education and training for their emergency services, aid workers, communities involved with assisting the incoming refugee population and refugee children. Slupsk is a warm and welcoming town and they are really looking forward to our arrival. If funds allow, … Read more