EFT for Ukraine

We have found each other! We are now coordinating our efforts to serve the communities we are connected to who are affected by Russia’s re-invasion of Ukraine. Thank you so much for offering your support to this initiative to bring EFT/TTT to those in need. 

Kyiv subway station, Feb 2022, Oles Navrotskyi
Evacuation train, Kyiv, Feb 2022, Fotoreserg
Kyiv railway station, Feb 2022, Oles Navrotskyi

Image credits: Kyiv, February 2022, Evacuation train, Photo by Fotoreserg. Subway used as bomb shelter, Refugees at railway station, Photos by Oles Navrotskyi

We have met with Lori Leydon of Create Global Healing, and Ulf and Gunilla of the Peaceful Heart Network to gain from their experience and wisdom in initiating this kind of venture. We are so grateful for their mentoring and have decided that the TTT variant of EP, as tried and tested by Ulf and Gunilla in many areas of conflict, is the one we will go with as we structure and deliver our initial trauma support efforts. 

The Peaceful Heart Network is offering all our volunteers TTT training. Further information with dates and details of how to sign up are on the Facebook page.

With warmth and hope,

Aga and Jessica

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