It’s Time To Tap

Young children learning EFT tapping Ukrainian orphanage Poland
Aga and Ivona introduce Magic Buttons the tapping bear to a group of young tappers.

Therapeutic workshops for three Ukrainian orphanages relocated to Slupsk are in full swing. Children from 5 to 18 are taking part, along with their caretakers and everyone is loving it!

Aga is being supported in the delivery by Ivona Olofsson of the Peaceful Heart Network. When they leave for the day they are begged to come back, and when they arrive to work with a new group they are finding that the kids have already been shown the tapping by their friends! After experiencing their own sessions some of the older children are coming into support the sessions with the younger children.

Everyone is finding a way to use the tools to release stress and tension and Come Back to Green. At the end of today’s session found children fell asleep during the last relaxation exercise. So we’ll leave them all resting quietly there until next time.

Children in a TTUK relaxation session, Ukrainian orphans, Poland

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