Self-help for stress and trauma

Acu-pressure points for stress relief

These “magic” points on the body bring calm, reduce stress, and relieve bad memories when we press, rub or Tap them.

These points are used in many of the techniques described below. Try Tapping them now and see how your body responds.

TTT - Trauma Tapping Technique

From Peaceful Heart Network

Follow along with Ulf and Gunilla from Peaceful Heart, and try the TTT technique to reduce your stress and trauma.

1 – Gently connect with your problem. Or, measure your Stress Signal (Red, Yellow, Green?)
2 – Follow along as Ulf and Gunilla tap the points
3 – Take two deep breaths
4 – Repeat
5 – Notice your problem again. Does it feel different? Is your Stress signal different?

Repeat this exercise often to reduce stress.

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Free App, Self-Help for Trauma

From Peaceful Heart Network

First Aid stress and trauma reduction for those impacted by war. Follow along as Winky uses the TTT App to help their feelings. 

This is a First Aid stress and trauma reduction for those impacted by war. It is not a replacement for primary care – it is something anybody can to to get symptom relief temporarily, or more. 

Download the App for Android or iOS

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Resources for Resilience

From Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology's Humanitarian Committee

Follow along videos, and downloadable instructions. Easy ‘Emotional First Aid’ for stress and trauma. 

Follow this link to find a treasure chest of calming exercises to help a range of difficult feelings.

Including; Fear, Shock, Exhaustion, Anger, Confusion, Panic, and troubling memories. 

Follow along videos, and downloadable instructions.

TFT Trauma Relief Algorithm

From the Thought Field Therapy Foundation

Tap along with this simple, powerful TFT tapping technique for trauma relief.

For 30 years, thousands of people in crisis and disaster zones worldwide have used this simple, powerful tapping technique to achieve emotional freedom and peace of mind.

Video and Written instructions.

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