Slupsk needs your help

Help wanted
Photo by Andjohan

On May 8th project lead Aga will head to Slupsk Poland (Aga’s hometown), to provide support, education and training for their emergency services, aid workers, communities involved with assisting the incoming refugee population and refugee children. Slupsk is a warm and welcoming town and they are really looking forward to our arrival.

If funds allow, the project will provide 4 months on site coordinating and delivering training for service providers – therapists, educators, first responders, medical professionals – who are working with Ukrainian refugees, so that they can provide acute trauma relief alongside the other essential services they are providing. We are also going to offer programs for Ukrainian refugees, including orphans, providing acute trauma relief.

The project goal is that all of the service providers and refugees will experience the benefit of somatic trauma relief tools, the knowledge of how they work and attend to trauma symptoms, and the confidence to utilise the tools for themselves and others. We will teach simple to learn, easy to apply evidence based trauma relief tools, including TTT, EFT, and other body based techniques.

We’d love to have your support with our current priorities: fundraising, managing the fundraising, book-keeping, other project admin, or supporting us on the ground in Slupsk between May and September. If you can help, please contact us at, or

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