What’s in the Workshop?

The content of the workshop we are delivering in Slupsk is designed to help at, ‘Tier One’ of the EFT for disaster relief continuum that David Feinstein describes in his recent paper.

The regulation techniques we have chosen are designed to meet the first level of need from people dislocated by war; reduce stress and overwhelm, increase a sense of safety, and reduce the likelihood of developing PTSD or secondary traumatisation.

The participants are introduced to the uses and benefits of full EFT, together with the research that is beginning to describe how it works. We are teaching the 3-point calmer, TTT and no words tapping using the Traffic Light Signal which Gwyneth developed during the pandemic. We also share a range of other self-regulation techniques from the field of EP and somatic trauma relief, including ‘The Calming Hug’, Triangle Breathing and Self-Havening.

Our hope is that these easy to learn, simple to share interventions at this stage will help prevent secondary traumatisation for the towns services, and PTSD symptoms for the refugee community that the techniques reach.

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